The superiority of the Qur'an's commandment

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The superiority of the Qur'an's commandment over the modern one with respect to the female inheritance?

The Qur’an decrees that the male shall receive the portion of two females (in inheritance).

The Qur’anic injunction of inheritance is perfectly just and a perfect mercy for women. It is just because, in the majority of cases, and according to the Islamic Law, the husband provides both for the wife’s and the children’s livelihood, whereas the wife is not under any legal obligation to provide either for him or for herself. Thus she is compensated for the half-share less that she is allocated from any inheritance than the man. It is a perfect mercy because a girl is delicate, vulnerable and so is held in great affection by her father who, thanks to the Qur’anic injunction, does not see her as a child who will cause him loss by carrying away to others half of his wealth. In addition, her brothers feel compassion for her and protect her without feeling envy of her, as they do not consider her as a rival in the division of the family possessions. Thus, the affection and compassion which the girl enjoys through her family compensate for her apparent loss in the inheritance.

It is for this reason that it is severe injustice, far from being kindness, to institute more for the girl than her due out of unrealistic feelings of compassion—unrealistic because no one can be more compassionate than God. Rather, if the Qur’anic bounds are exceeded, women may become, for the reasons we have given, vulnerable to exploitation and tyranny in the family, especially in view of the barbaric selfishness of modern times—which can be as bad as the tyranny of the jahiliyya (the pre-Islamic age of ignorance) when infant girls were buried alive. As for the Qur'anic injunctions, all of them, like those pertaining to inheritance, prove the truth expressed in the verse, We have not sent you (o Muhammad), save as a mercy unto all beings.

Modern civilization, which, in essence, is a system of savagery because it lacks real human values, wrongs mothers more than girls by depriving them of their rights. Being the purest and finest reflection of Divine compassion, the affection of mothers is the most revered reality in the creation. A mother is so compassionate, self-sacrificing and intimate a friend that she sacrifices all she has including her life for her children. A timid hen, for instance, whose motherliness represents the lowest degree, has been observed to attack a dog in order to protect her chicks.

It is, for this reason, plain to those who are really human, if not to those who appear human but are bestial in essence, what a great injustice and shameful disrespect, what a heart-rending ingratitude and a harmful poison for social life it is, to deprive such a respected, dear being of her rightful share in the wealth of her son. As for the Qur’anic injunction, which gives the mother one sixth of her son’s inheritance, as in the verse, And to his mother a sixth, it is in perfect accordance with justice and universal truths.


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