Mutual assistance

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Does life consist· in conflict or mutual assistance among all parts of creation?

Among the principles of the line of Prophethood concerning the fundamental conditions of social life are mutual assistance, magnanimity and generosity. These are functioning in the reciprocal co-operation of all things—from the sun and the moon down to even particles—plants help animals, for example, and animals help human beings, and particles of food help the cells of the body. By contrast, materialistic philosophy names conflict as the fundamental condition of social life. In fact, conflict springs from the misuse of their innate dispositions by a number of tyrants, brutish men and savage beasts. Indeed, this principle of conflict is so fundamental and general to the philosophers' line of reasoning that they have absurdly claimed: ‘Life consists in nothing but conflict.’

As a simple example, in order for humanity to obtain bread, in addition to air, water, earth, and fire which are the four basic elements in the world and solely belonging to God, the wheat seed with the ability of germination, the solar light and heat should co-ordinate. And in order for bread to be sustenance for human body, all the parts and even cells of the body should also co-operate or co-ordinate. Seeing that all these things have no consciousness, reason and will-power, it is God Who sets them in co-ordination.


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