No contradictions in the information he gave

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Has the prophet ever been contradicted in the information he gave in all fields of life?

It is enough to establish one’s truthfulness that one has not been heard telling even a single lie during one‘s whole life. However, if the person is a Prophet who has brought a universal system from God, people will expect him to offer explanations and to establish rules in all fields of life – theology, law, sociology, human psychology, economics, history, etc. – and to be proven to be truthful in all of them.

The explanations of God’s Messenger, upon him be peace and blessings, concerning theology – Divine Essence, Attributes and Names – are such that philosophers, religious scholars, and saints cannot compete with him. What, in fact, they can and should do, is to study his explanations and try to perceive the truths his words contain.

God’s Messenger dealt with, besides those pertaining to Divine Essence and Attributes, the most subtle matters of Destiny and man’s free will so ably and convincingly that without his account no one can obtain a true understanding of these matters.

What he reported concerning the past nations and previous Prophets have all been confirmed by historical research and the followers of previous Scriptures. Although he was unlettered, neither read a book nor was taught by any human, he established the most rational, practical and just rules in every field of life such that, as a result, a large portion of mankind have experienced true happiness for centuries under his banner. Indeed, the religion, the universal system of life that was revealed to him from God, continues to offer a unique alternative for the future of mankind in general, and the happy world of the future will be built upon its principles.

What I would like, however, to emphasize here, concerning his truthfulness, is that out of hundreds of his predictions, the vast majority have already come true, and the remainder will be proven when their time is due.

‘Umar reports that one day he, upon whom be peace, ascended the pulpit after the dawn prayer and spoke about almost everything from the creation of the world to the Last Day, including certain past events and what will befall mankind until that Day. These predictions, together, clearly demonstrate that his teacher was God, the All-Knowing, and that he did not speak on his own but always communicated what was revealed to him. Before giving specific examples of his predictions, I think it worthwhile to clarify a few points concerning knowledge of the Unseen.


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